If you're heading downtown, you'll find many convenient places to park. Most of our lots, as well as our new parking deck, are a one minute walk to your favorite shops and restaurants. Don’t spend your time circling, head over to the lots below.

Shopper Parking

Lots 1, 2, 4, 5 & 6 easily found on our parking map, download here

The parking meters in Lots #1, 2, 4, 5, and 6 have been replaced with MPay2Park Paystations. The Paystations are pay by plate and accommodate hourly parking ($.25 per 30 min) as well as all day parking ($10). Please make sure to park in properly designated spots for hourly or all day parking. Your receipt from the paystation does not need to be displayed. See documents below for more information.

All Pay Stations are Now Pay-by-Plate

In order to make your stay in Millburn as easy as possible, you can now pay for parking based on your license plate number. You no longer have to remember your spot number! You can pay by one of three ways:

  1. Visit one of our Pay Stations, enter your license plate number, and follow the on-screen instructions.
  2. Download the mPay2Park mobile app to pay for parking on the go, without stopping at a Pay Station.
  3. Call the number displayed on signage or the meter. Respond to the prompts accordingly.

Paystation Instructions:
Chatham Rd Paystation Information
MPay2Park Millburn Parking App
Download PDF Parking Map

Parking Permits

Parking at the train and in business lots is by permit only. Permits are issued through the Tax Office at Town Hall and can be paid for by cash or check.

  • Commuter permits are available to residents only.
  • Business permits are available to business owners and employees only.
  • Business transferable permits allow you to attach up to five vehicles with documentation.

24 hour permits are provided to apartment dwellers if a space is not provided for them. Without this permit, parking on any street or in any lot overnight is not allowed. These permits are not offered to residents wishing to park overnight.


Free Resident Stickers

Millburn provides free resident stickers to residents wishing to dispose of items at the Public Works yard or wish to use the 12 hour spaces at the Millburn library.

  • The spaces are $10 a day and can be paid at the pay station or on the MPAY app.
  • The sticker must be on your car to park in the spaces.
  • There are additional 12 hour spaces on Chatham Road in Short Hills.


Special Circumstances

  • Residents with commuter permits who occasionally cannot make it back to the town must call the police at (973) 564-7001 to request permission to leave their car in the lot.
  • Residents without a permit who are “stranded” in the city must do the same.
  • Residents who are having work done such as getting their driveway paved must go to the Traffic Department at the police station to request permission to park on their street in that time frame.
  • Residents who are having an overnight guest for up to three nights must request permission from the police desk to park on the street.
  • Residents hosting long time visitors must go to the Traffic Department and log the visitor information.

A complete review of parking in Millburn can be found at the Township of Millburn website here.