Complete Streets

The Complete Streets Initiative prioritizes pedestrian safety and includes a variety of engineering improvements meant to create safer pedestrian conditions, improve traffic flow in congested areas, calm traffic and improve the efficiency, functionality and vibrancy of downtown Millburn.

Please be advised that construction of the first phase of the Millburn Complete Streets Initiative is scheduled to commence on or about July 6, 2016. The Improvements will include a complete roadway reconstruction of Main Street, including the intersections of Essex Street and Millburn Avenue, and Millburn Avenue from Main Street to Douglas Street inclusive of the intersection.

The Township and their consultant team will be working closely with the contractor to minimize disruption to the downtown business community. However, temporary lane closures and parking restrictions should be expected at times during the construction period. Hours of construction will be 7:00AM - 3:30PM, Monday through Friday. For more information including regular project updates, road closures, etc., please visit the Township of Millburn Complete Streets page.

Should you have specific concerns, please contact Arterial, LLC at 973.500.4011 or

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding while we work together to improve Downtown Millburn.

Essex Street and Main Street

Phase 1 of Complete Streets construction is expected to last through the fall with an anticipated completion date in November. The Downtown area will remain open for business and pedestrian foot traffic during construction.

Construction of the two bump outs at the corner of Essex St. and Main St. will begin on or about April 10, 2017. Construction crews will be onsite from 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Work will begin on the corner at Common Lot. 

On the corner at Common Lot, construction will include demolition, curb replacement, and the installation of lighting foundations. One lane of traffic will be blocked on Old Short Hills Rd. for approximately 4-5 days during construction hours.  Pedestrians using the southbound sidewalk of Old Short Hills Road will be asked to use the pedestrian bridge to access the other side for crossing into the Downtown.

Pedestrian access to the corner of Common Lot will be restored (minimally) before any demolition of the clock plaza corner takes place to ensure there are 3 corners at the intersection open to pedestrians at any given time.

Once the construction crew is finished working in the street at the Common Lot corner and restoring pedestrian access, work will begin on the corner with Lot 1 & the Township Clock. Work will include demolition, curb replacement, and installation of lighting foundations. The right-hand lane on Essex St. will be closed for approximately 4-5 days during construction hours.

The Township will have a construction manager onsite while work is in progress. Two police officers will be onsite for traffic control and pedestrian safety.

Once the corners are fully complete, milling, paving and striping of the intersection will take place.  This work will be performed at night as it will result in some detouring of traffic.

We do understand that this work will have an impact on traffic flow and cause inconvenience.  We are attempting to limit that with slightly modified work hours and maintaining as many lanes open as possible to create a safe work environment for the contractor and motorists.  We appreciate everyone’s patience as we work to complete Phase I for the spring and summer. More information will be posted as it becomes available.

A Brief Background of Complete Streets

The Township of Millburn adopted a Complete Streets Policy outlining a series of goals and objectives to make the streets safer for pedestrians, improve traffic flow and calm traffic where appropriate, and enhance the vibrancy of our streets for pedestrians and businesses. A Complete Streets Sub-Committee, led by Mayor Ted Bourke and Committee member Ian Mount, was formed and tasked with implementing the Complete Streets Policy.

Safe, well-balanced streets are good for business. The Complete Streets Initiative enhances the vibrancy of Downtown Millburn and supports the economic vitality of local business. A comprehensive Complete Streets project addressing pedestrian safety, traffic flow, intersection congestion and traffic calming is a complex process requiring thorough assessment of a myriad of factors both internal and external to our community.

We are committed to taking on this challenge and addressing these critical factors to improve our downtown. We encourage residents to review the conceptual plans, ask questions and provide feedback.

For more information, visit the Township of Millburn site.